Our customers are the most important thing to us here at the ACF.   Here is what a handful have said:

I adore your cupcakes!!!!
— Nikia Shun Delaney (CDC)
I love your cupcakes - every time we travel to Atlanta I have to stop by for some!
— Lisa Gamble Burton
Best. Cupcakes. EVER.
— April J. Suarez
The sweet potato bourbon cupcake might just be the single best thing ever made!
— Kevin Locascio
I just overindulged for my bday (thanks Jamie for the order on a Monday!). My first time trying Key Lime Pie and was mighty pleased.
— Mara Masso Maddox


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The chocolate cupcake was light and not too rich. It was topped with a light and ultra creamy peanut butter frosting. Half of a Reese Peanut Butter Cup was on top, giving it the perfect finish. The best part was that it was a great dessert that didn’t leave you feeling weighed down.
— Atlanta Restaurant Examiner: Nani Mathews
If there’s one thing in the world that I would bowl over small children (without even a smidgen of guilt) to get my hands on, it’s the Lemon Lemon cupcake at the Atlanta Cupcake Factory.
— Not for Tourists: Katherine Dean
Thankfully the good Lord has given our fine city the Atlanta Cupcake Factory. You weekday cupcake warriors should throw back a red velvet cupcake with cream cheese icing. The cake is rich and moist, icing is buttery-good and the size is perfect.
— Citysearch: Jonathon Baker
What is so good about the Cupcake Factory? First, there are the flavors.

Presentation, in fact, is a large part of the shop’s success. The cupcakes themselves can range from the elegant, topped with gourmet candies, to the childlike, such as the snowball, to the completely whimsical, such as one topped with a “swamp” occupied by a plastic frog.

I asked them if their children had gotten fat from testing recipes, and both said they are counting on overexposure to cupcakes inspiring temperance instead of gluttony. Not if they continue to produce cupcakes capable of curing lifetime revulsion like my own!
— Creative Loafing: Cliff Bostock
The Atlanta Cupcake Factory, a bakery with a small retail storefront, is worth a trip to see which of about 25 flavors are in stock. Selections include a red velvet cupcake with a thick cream cheese frosting, and several Christmas flavors with Santa or tree decorations.
— The Wall Street Journal: Sweet Shops in Three Cities/ Reporters Yukari Iwatani Kane, Betsy McKay and Andrea Petersen on their favorite sweet shops in San Francisco, Atlanta and New York
As for everyone’s favorites from Atlanta Cupcake Factory… EVERYTHING.Atlanta Cupcake Factory scored the highest on the family taste-test as well as the highest on my own ‘bakery visit as an experience’ customer service test and ‘place I’d like to hang out’ atmosphere test.
— Muddy's Bake Shop
Cupcakes reign supreme at this “cute as a button” Virginia Highlands bakeshop. As a small-batch bakery, it’s not about volume at the Atlanta Cupcake Factory, but perfection. Each cupcake is a handcrafted work of art and virtually irresistible, even before your first bite.
— WCities
Get your fix at Atlanta’s top boutique bakeries - Atlanta Cupcake Factory is the perfect starting point for an evening full of indulgences. The cakes themselves are incredibly moist and flavorful, while the mound of piped icing atop each is lip-smackingly rich and creamy.
— The Sunday Paper